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St Andrews Day: Alice Aitchison Q&A

Today is St Andrew’s day, and to celebrate we have a Q&A with Commonwealth Games athlete and European and Junior Under 23 medallist Alice Aitchison.

St Andrews Day: Alice Aitchison Q&A

How did you get into weightlifting?

I started weightlifting through CrossFit back around 2016/17 but didn't compete till 2018 and have been doing it ever since!

How did it feel to represent Scotland at the Commonwealth Games?

It was such a surreal feeling! It was an overwhelming emotion to wear your country's flag on such a platform!

Congratulations on your clean and jerk medal at the 2022 European Junior and Under 23 Championships! How are you feeling after the competition?

It's still hard to believe I have done what I have done! But it made me extremely proud of myself! And I know there is more to come!

How do you stay focussed in a competition environment?

I stay focused in a competition environment by listening to music whilst I warm up and learning just to focus on myself has been a huge help! It's a bit of a switch off moment for me in the warm up room.

Do you have a pre -competition ritual?

I do! I have the same breakfast and post competition weigh in meal thanks to my nutritionist Team Silverback, competition hair and makeup, before its time to warm up I start doing mobility and listing to some music and then before I know it it's time to enter the warm up room.

What keeps you motivated to train?

Wanting to better myself every day! There's a saying to be happy but hungry, I try to always find a positive in each performance but also look at what we can work on.

What are your current goals?

The current goals are British seniors next year and to push for European seniors. Long term – the next Commonwealth Games in 2026.

Who is your biggest weightlifting inspiration?

I would have say Emily Muskett and Emily Campbell.

Finally, what would your advice be to beginners wanting to get involved in the sport?

Learn to love the bad days as much as the good because in weightlifting there are more bad days than good, and the bad days are the ones that make the biggest difference!


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