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Squat your way through 2022

Squats are some of the best exercises for you to complete at the gym and also the most underrated.

Squat your way through 2022

You can complete bodyweight squats or add weight with a barbell (back squat/front squat), a pair of dumbbells or a kettlebell.

Here are the key benefits:

Increased muscle tone through your lower body muscles including quadriceps and hamstrings.

Build that peach, back squats are shown to significantly increase glute size.

Including squats in your workout means increased muscle mass will lead to a greater number of calories burnt.

Build strength through your whole body; weight training also strengthens your joints, bones and core muscles.

Complete everyday activities more easily such as sitting on the toilet or bending down to pick something up.

Release endorphins and enjoy trying to increase the weight gradually over time.

Heard of Couch2Kilos? It's a simple and effective six-week programme for women of all abilities to help boost their strength, body composition, stability and mobility. 

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