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SAFE YOU: FREE anti-doping training for Olympic Weightlifters

A new anti-doping project has been launched in Sheffield by Dave Hembrough, head coach at mettle (previously Hallam Barbell Weightlifting Club).

SAFE YOU: FREE anti-doping training for Olympic Weightlifters

The SAFE YOU project has been developed as part of a collaboration between Sheffield Hallam University, mettle, and British Weight Lifting.

The content of the programme is in line with the World Anti-Doping Agency's 2021 International Standard of Education. It offers practical knowledge and advice to athletes so that they can make informed choices about doping.

Project SAFE YOU is financially supported by the World Anti-Doping Agency and is delivered to competitive athletes in 4 different countries.

As the project is being launched, places will be made available for competitive weightlifters to provide clean sport and anti-doping education. This opportunity will allow individuals to contribute to international research to help make weightlifting and strength sports safer and cleaner.

Individuals signed up to the programme will will have the opportunity to attend the full course over a period of 3 weeks, involving a total of three two hour web-based live sessions every fortnight. The live sessions take place on Sunday afternoon / evenings. 

The usual price to participate in the anti-doping education programme is £120, but due to the active research project participants will receive the course for free and all who complete the training will receive a £20 high street voucher.

There are limited places available.  To register interest, please complete the form in this link:


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