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Round 4 of Lockdown Lift Off is now open!

The fourth round of Lockdown Lift Off is now open for submissions, with entries closing at 5pm on Sunday 09 August.

You can enter Round 4 even if you didn’t take part in Round 1, 2 or 3.

Round 4 of Lockdown Lift Off is now open!

The Exercise

The Boxall-New Challenge is a leg burner designed to make you push your explosive power potential to the limits!  It's a three-part challenge that you complete in one go, with maximum effort and no rest.

Before starting you'll need to clearly mark out a 15m long lane on a clear, flat space like a field or path. 

Step 1 - First complete 5 x 15m maximum effort sprints with no rest in between.  You should clearly touch the marker at each end of your lane.

Step 2 - Immediately after the sprints complete 2 laps of your lane doing walking deep lunges.  Your torso should be upright, and your lunge should be deep with your trailing knee almost touching the ground.

Step 3 - After the lunges do 10 x squat jumps with maximum effort.  Your squat must be all the way down as deep as possible.  Your jump should be as high as possible with your hips and knees fully extended at the highest point.

Repeat Steps 1, 2 and 3 one more time (two times in total) to complete the challenge!

Participants must submit one video with a visible timestamp or clock that has been continuous since weigh in. Your video should capture your whole attempt at the challenge in one go, no breaks or cuts.

The winners will be the those who complete the challenge in the fastest time for their weight category.

Please note: For each incomplete lunge or squat rep, 10 seconds will be added to the final time for the submission.

Your video must include:

  1. Your clearly marked and measured lane (15m), including the measurement itself using a tape measure or similar
  2. The full range of your exercise, this video doesn't need to be up close as long as we can see everything you do in the challenge.
  3. Your full body at all times from the start to the end of the exercise
  4. Round 4 should be filmed from the side at approximately half way along your 15m lane


  • Submissions that do not include a weigh in will be rejected.
  • In the case of a tie the athlete that posted their video submission first will be awarded.
  • Videos that do not show the measurement of the 15m lane will be rejected
  • The results of Lockdown Lift Off do not count towards national rankings or records.
  • Each incomplete lunge or squat rep will add 10 seconds to the final time for the submission.


Age Groups

Following feedback from Rounds 1 and 2 we have revamped the way we’ll categorise ages for Lockdown Lift Off with age brackets as follows:

Bracket 1            0-5 years old

Bracket 2            6-10 years old

Bracket 3            11-15 years old

Bracket 4            16-20 years old

Bracket 5            21-30 years old

Bracket 6+          10 years increments as per Bracket 5

Your age bracket is calculated by your age on 31 December 2020.


To help group lifters together without worrying too much about cutting weight we will recognise six bodyweight categories each for Women and Men:

Men: 61kg - 73kg - 89kg - 102kg - 109kg - 109kg+

Women: 49kg – 59kg – 71kg – 81kg – 87kg – 87kg+


This competition will recognise results in Male and Female gender categories as indicated by the lifter during entry.

Weigh in

Lifters must weigh in wearing the same clothing and equipment (belt/straps/shoes) that they will wear to compete. You do not have to wear a singlet.

Lifters must be fully visible when stepping onto the scale and must show the weight displayed on the scale.

When the lifter begins the weigh in process start a timer or display clock in the weigh in area. The clock or timer must be visible in either the video or photo submission.

Your exercise must be completed within 3 hours of your weigh in. E.g. weigh in filmed at 10am, exercise filmed between 10am and 1pm. You may perform the exercise immediately after weighing in.

Why weigh in for this type of challenge? As weightlifters are some of the most explosive athletes, we think this challenge is a real test of your ability to stay explosive when getting tired, think of that final clean & jerk attempt in a long competition!

On that basis bodyweight categories are still important as they allow a rough comparison of power to bodyweight.

What kit do I need to take part in Round 4?

A video camera with a time stamp

If using a smartphone we recommend the Timestamp Camera Basic app, or something similar

A tape measure

A clear, flat space around 15m in length, a field or path would be ideal

An internet connection

How do I take part?

An account has been created on the Lockdown Lift Off website for all BWL members.  To enter simply go to the site, login and select the ‘Lockdown Lift Off’.

*BWL members received an email from Video Portal with a link to set up a password on Tuesday 09 June.  Please check your junk and spam folders for this email or contact for support logging in.

After you’ve logged in to your account simply follow the instructions to complete your submission.

I have a family member or friend who isn’t a member, can they take part?

Yes!  Lockdown Lift Off is completely free to BWL members, but we know many of our members won’t be able to train or compete with their usual clubmates.  Therefore, we have also provided a pay-to-play version of Lockdown Lift Off for non-members.

It costs £10 to enter each round by simply filling in a one-time entry form and uploading your videos, you don’t need to create an account.  You can only enter each Round once, so be sure to get your best attempts in the video!

For more information please contact


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