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Round 3 of Lockdown Lift Off is now open!

The third round of Lockdown Lift is now open for submissions, and we are mixing it up by introducing the long jump - no lifting equipment required. Entries for the long jump close at 5pm on Friday 24 July.  You can enter round 3 even if you didn’t take part in round 1 or 2.

Round 3 of Lockdown Lift Off is now open!



Lockdown Lift Off provides a fantastic opportunity for members of British Weight Lifting to compete virtually and keep active whilst gyms remain closed. Lockdown Lift Off is completely free to BWL members. A paid version is also available to non-members.

Introduction to Lockdown Lift Off

This new competition will have rounds taking place every two weeks.  Each round will feature a different exercise.  Each exercise is independent so there’s no commitment to enter more than one round, you can simply choose which exercises suit you best!

Round 3 opens today, 10 July at 09:00 and with the Long Jump so people with no lifting equipment can take part, entries for round 3 will close on 24 July at 5pm.

Round 4 will begin on Monday 27 July at 09:00 with a new exercise challenge, entries for round 4 will close on 10 August at 5pm.  More details on the release dates of future exercise will be posted on the BWL website and social channels.

What is it?

Lockdown Lift Off is a video-based competition with lifters uploading a video of themselves completing a designated exercise to the Lockdown Lift Off webpage.

The videos will then be judged by a BWL Licensed Technical Official and given a rating out of 5 stars based on the technique or skill displayed.  The Technical Official may also leave a comment to help with any areas of improvement.

Every video will be put into an online gallery of submissions for everyone to watch.  You can share your submission on social media using the hashtag #LockdownLiftOff and tagging @BritishWL in your post.

At the end of each round all entries will be ranked by the highest or biggest attempt at the exercise that the Technical Officials consider to be a successful and the participants will be sent an e-certificate.

What kit do I need to take part in round 3?

  • A video camera with a time stamp
  • If using a smartphone we recommend the Timestamp Camera Basic app, or something similar
  • A tape measure
  • A safe place to jump, ideally level ground and long enough for you to jump
  • An internet connection

How do I take part?

An account has been created on the Lockdown Lift Off website for all BWL members.  To enter simply go to the site, login and select the ‘Lockdown Lift Off’.

*BWL members received an email from Video Portal with a link to set up a password on Tuesday 09 June.  Please check your junk and spam folders for this email or contact for support logging in.

After you’ve logged in to your account simply follow the instructions to complete your submission.


Age Groups

Following feedback from Rounds 1 and 2 we have revamped the way we’ll categorise ages for Lockdown Lift Off with age brackets as follows:

Bracket 1             0-5 years old

Bracket 2             6-10 years old

Bracket 3             11-15 years old

Bracket 4             16-20 years old

Bracket 5             21-30 years old

Bracket 6+           10 years increments as per Bracket 5

Your age bracket is calculated by your age on 31 December 2020.


To help group lifters together without worrying too much about cutting weight we will recognise six bodyweight categories each for Women and Men:

Men: 61kg - 73kg - 89kg - 102kg - 109kg - 109kg+

Women: 49kg – 59kg – 71kg – 81kg – 87kg – 87kg+


This competition will recognise results in Male and Female gender categories as indicated by the lifter during entry.

We may add more categories to future Rounds of Lockdown Lift Off

Weigh in

Lifters must weigh in wearing the same clothing and equipment that they will wear to compete. You do not have to wear a singlet.

Lifters must be fully visible when stepping onto the scale and must show the weight displayed on the scale.

When the lifter begins the weigh in process start a timer or display clock in the weigh in area. The clock or timer must be visible in either the video or photo submission.

Your exercise must be completed within 3 hours of your weigh in. E.g. weigh in filmed at 10am, exercise filmed between 10am and 1pm. You may perform the exercise immediately after weighing in.

Why weigh in for the long jump? 

As weightlifters have very powerful legs, we think the long jump is a really good way to test your power whilst doing something a bit different that doesn’t need weightlifting equipment.  On that basis bodyweight categories are still important as they allow a rough comparison of power to bodyweight.

Introducing the Long Jump

Participants must submit one video with a visible clock or timer that has been continuous since weigh in. Your video may contain up to three attempts of the exercise, your highest successful attempt will count towards your result.

It’s up to you exactly how you jump as long as you start with both feet together on the start line, and measure to the part of your body touching the floor that is nearest to the start line.  For example if you land on both feet but then fall back and touch the floor with your hand, you should measure to where your hand is touching the floor.

Your video must include:

  • A clearly marked start point on the ground
  • A clearly marked landing point, measured to the part of your body touching the ground closest to the start point
  • The measuring of the distance using a tape measure or similar item. The measuring tool must be able to measure the whole distance at once. E.g. you can’t use a 30cm ruler five times to measure 1.5m
  • The whole jump from take off to landing and include the measuring
  • Your full body at all times from the start to the end of the exercise

For round 3 the camera must be placed directly to the side of the participant and raised to approximately chest height. Videos filmed from the ground or face-on will not be accepted.

All distances will be calculated in meters and centimetres, if you submit in other units we will convert into metric.


Submissions that do not include a weigh in will be rejected.

In the case of a tie the athlete that posted their video submission first will be awarded.

Videos that do not include the measurements and start/landing markers will be rejected.

The results of Lockdown Lift Off are not eligible for rankings or records.

Attempts that are considered unsuccessful will still be given a star rating and feedback but won’t be included in the final rankings.

I have a family member or friend who isn’t a member, can they take part?

Yes!  Lockdown Lift Off is completely free to BWL members, but we know many of our members won’t be able to train or compete with their usual clubmates.  Therefore, we have also provided a pay-to-play version of Lockdown Lift Off for non-members

It costs £10 to enter each round by simply filling in a one-time entry form and uploading your videos, you don’t need to create an account.  You can only enter each Round once, so be sure to get your best attempts in the video!

For more information please contact


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