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Return to Elite Training

In response to the Government’s latest announcement around a return to training for Elite athletes, BWL are currently exploring the immediate impact of our sport’s current demands prior to the immediate re-start of training.

Return to Elite Training

What is fundamentally clear is that as the NGB, we cannot rush into any decisions without ensuring as our number one priority the health and safety of all involved, including our lifters, coaches, support staff and their families.

We are already working closely with our venue host, Loughborough University and the English Institute of Sport with the aim to collaboratively confirm dates for a phased return of staff and athletes to the Powerbase gym facility as quickly as possible.

There are several steps which BWL must undertake to ensure the continued safety of all involved and we hope all our lifters appreciate the need for caution and patience as plans are implemented and tested in what remains a very challenging time.

With this in mind, BWL aim to announce further details for the re-opening of its elite training programmes in line with the next Government review of lockdown on the 1st June. 

In the meantime, BWL will continue to consult with staff and athletes as well as all key stakeholders. In-line with Government policy BWL will ensure that all potential users are kept up to speed and supported throughout the process so they fully understand the safeguards, risks, expectations and plans looking to be implemented.

Everyone will be given ample opportunity to discuss how they feel in regard to their readiness to return to training and will be given the chance to opt in or out freely when it comes to using the facility. No athlete or staff member will be pressurised to access the facility until they are fully comfortable to do so and safe in the knowledge they will receive a safe, sustainable and high value training experience upon their return. 

As with much initial guidance, there are a number of areas which still require greater clarification and further consultation with stakeholders prior to any implementation or testing of operational plans. 

In line with the guidance provided on 13th May around complying to 'Covid Secure' standards, BWL will look with immediate effect to appoint the necessary individuals to ensure government regulations are adhered to, source the required protective equipment and test social distancing strategies prior to allowing any access to the gym. 

Further extensive collaboration and alignment with Loughborough University and the English Institute of Sport will be sought to ensure on-going compliance with Government advice on social distancing, risk assessment and medical screening/reaction which need constant monitoring and will be subject to change and review as lockdown eases or escalates further over the coming months.

Finally, BWL are keen to remind all its members and clubs that this guidance applies only to specific elite centres in England – ScotlandWales and Northern Ireland should follow their specific rules set out for those parts of the UK.


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