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Raise the Bar: Free strength training for schools

As part of the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games legacy, British Weight Lifting are offering schools in Birmingham, Stoke-on-Trent and Stafford the opportunity to run a free 6-week introduction to weightlifting and strength training course funded by Sport England.

Raise the Bar: Free strength training for schools

British Weight Lifting is the UK’s national governing body for the sports of weightlifting and para powerlifting. The Raise the Bar programme directly addresses the Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines that “Children do activities that develop movement skills and strengthens muscles and bones”.

Our focus is to is to showcase the real physical and mental benefits associated with weight training and strength-based exercise, along with delivering activities to encourage all ages to be stronger, fitter, happier and more able to positively face daily challenges.

Raise the Bar is a project supporting young people and adults in Birmingham, Stoke-on-Trent and Stafford to become active for life.

Programme details:

A FREE coach led introduction to weightlifting sessions delivered each week in six week blocks.

  • The sessions are age appropriate, fun, active, build confidence and engage participants in conversations around healthy lifestyles.
  • Available for group sizes up to twelve.
  • 3 sessions delivered at your venue (subject to you having a sports hall/gym. Equipment provided by the coach), and 3 weeks at a designated weightlifting club (transportation not included)
  • The programme can be delivered multiple times to increase the number of people able to learn to weightlift, or to help you start a weightlifting club.


Eligibility for participants:

  • Raise the Bar is suitable for all sizes and body shapes
  • No previous experience of weightlifting is required
  • For schools: Young people aged 12-17, groups of girls or boys
  • For community organisations: Young people (ages 12-17) OR adults of any age interested in becoming more active


The sessions:

Each session will progress at a rate suitable to the participants, but you can expect the general format to be:

Warm up- group games, mobility, jumping and landing.

Main session- introduction to basic movement patterns involved in weightlifting and for developing strength. (For example: snatch, clean and jerk, back squat, overhead squat, chest press, lunges, deadlift, jumps)

Post lifting- core training, stretching and health tips.


Which clubs and coaches are involved?

Five BWL affiliated clubs are delivering Raise the Bar from January 2023 to March 2024.

  • Warley Weightlifting Club
  • Oldbury Academy Weightlifting Club
  • Psych Weightlifting Club
  • Staffs Lifting Club
  • Central Staffs Lifting Club

Every coach delivering Raise the Bar will meets the following criteria:

  • Qualified Level 2 BWL coach
  • DBS Certified through BWL
  • Familiar with their club’s Safeguarding and Protecting Children policy
  • Fully insured to deliver Raise the Bar on behalf of BWL
  • Received a recent in-person site visit from BWL


How do I book?

If you are interested in booking a Raise the Bar programme for your organisation, please get in touch by emailing










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