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RAF Weightlifting Championships Cosford

On 6 July 2022 the RAF Championships were held in Cosford. The event was a fantastic day with a good standard of lifting across the board. Over the course of the day four mixed-weight groups took to the platform to display their technique, strength and passion. The competition ran well, first seeing two groups made up of those relatively new to weightlifting followed by two more experienced groups.

RAF Weightlifting Championships Cosford

Group one

Group one was made up of 8 men: Lee Smith, Will Craggs, Kevin Graham, Jack Howie, Kylan Chaung, Luke Kennerly, Ben Martin and Rob Coyle.

Jack Howie took first place. Weighing in at 84.8kg, Jack snatched 87kg and clean and jerked 116kg to give him a huge 203kg total.

Only 1kg separated second and third place in this group, with Kylan Chaung gaining second place after totalling 184kg at 77.2kg bodyweight. Luke Kennerly took third place after totalling 183kg at 74.9kg bodyweight.

Group two

Group two saw Tanya Miller-Anderson, Nicole Way, Jasmine Forster, Amy Dent, Jo Belgrau and Rachael Roberts battle it out on the platform.

Jo Belgrau took first place after snatching 45kg and clean and jerking 75kg at 66.2kg bodyweight for an impressive 120kg total. Rachel Roberts came in second place after totalling 114kg at 50.8kg bodyweight. This put Amy Dent in third place with a total of 106kg at 55.8kg bodyweight.

Group three

Group three included Chloe Windsor, Lorren Clark, Rebecca Nesbit, Maddie Elliott, Ellie McManus and Lucy Spy.

Maddie Elliot took the top spot after snatching 75kg and clean and jerking 95kg. This gave Maddie a huge total of 170kg at 66.9kg bodyweight.

Rebecca Nesbit took second place with a 157kg total at 70.9kg bodyweight. Lucy Spy came in third place after totalling 153kg at 63.2kg bodyweight.

Group four

Group four saw Luke Bretton, Daniel Abbot, Chris Craig, James Stuart, Luke Thompson, Tate Budge and Michael Cutler take to the stage.

Michael Cutler came in first place after finishing on an impressive 271kg total. Michael snatched 126kg and clean and jerked 145kg at 92.9kg bodyweight.

James Stuart took second place after totalling 235kg at 89.7kg bodyweight. This put Luke Thompson in third place with a total of 225kg at 89.7kg bodyweight.


Results based on Sinclair points

Males – Total



Sinclair Points


Mike Cutler



Luke Thompson



Tate Budge


Females – Total


Maddie Elliot



Ellie McManus



Lucy Spy



Judges’ awards were also given to Jack Howie and Rachael Roberts for their help and support throughout the day.

Please see the full results from the day here


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