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Pulseroll Renew Contract

British Weight Lifting are delighted to announce that Pulseroll have renewed their partnership as an endorsed product for another year.

Pulseroll Renew Contract

Pulseroll specialise in vibrating foam rollers which can be used during your warm up for softening the muscle tissue, cooling down after a workout and to massage various parts of the body. Using the unique combination of pressure and vibration it will help loosen your muscles, increase blood flow and flush away lactic acid.

Ashley Metcalfe Chief Executive of British Weight Lifting commented, “We are delighted to extend our relationship with Pulseroll. Their continued support is hugely appreciated with our lifters instantly benefitting from Pulseroll’s latest high tech products, which  offer a very simple solution to loosening muscles and aiding recovery in the gym and at competitions.  Not only does it help rehabilitation, the equipment is amazingly versatile and can aid improved flexibility, balance and core strength – all critical for the development of all our lifters and athletes in general whatever their ambitions or levels of ability.” – Ashley Metcalfe

If you are a current British Weight Lifting member you can get 25% off Pulseroll products! Simply log into your Sport80 account, click on the discount codes tab, and add new discount from the drop down!

Further information on their products can be found here



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