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Pulseroll Best Lifter Awards

As an endorsed product of British Weight Lifting, Pulseroll exhibited at this year’s British Weight Lifting and Para Powerlifting Championships which saw them devise an initiative to reward the best lifters across the weekend with official Pulseroll merchandise.

Pulseroll Best Lifter Awards

Based on AH and Sinclair points we are pleased to announce the below results:

Powerlifting Male: Micky Yule (175 AH points)

Powerlifting Female: Louise Sugden (93 AH points)

Weightlifting Male:  Guy Michel Tchuissi (373 Sinclair points)

Weightlifting Female: Sarah Davies (263 Sinclair points)

Pulseroll specialise in high-quality fitness accessories throughout the health and fitness industry. Their innovations are based around creating next-generation foam rollers to help with faster recovery, circulation and muscle relief.

Further information on Pulseroll and their products can be found here


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