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Member Consultation TCRR

Every year we open up to public consultation on the Technical Competition Rules and Regulations that govern the sport in the UK. We believe that this gives British Weight Lifting and its members the opportunity to ensure the rules and regulations are appropriate, up to date and in keeping with the needs of the sport. 

Member Consultation TCRR

This process is consultative and the feedback received will be used to asses if changes are needed. Providing feedback to BWL doesn’t guarantee a change will be made.

The consultation is now open and you can email your feedback to:

The consultation period will end on Saturday 31 August; feedback will be compiled and consolidated by Monday 16 September; an updated TCRR document will be provisionally published on Monday 30 September*.

*Please be advised that this is the date of publication, not the date the new rules will come into effect. This is likely to be from January 2020 after the final events of 2019 have run.


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