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Louise Sugden: Dominating the Platform at the World Abilitysport Games

The British weightlifting and para powerlifting community celebrated a remarkable feat as Louise Sugden showcased her prowess at the World Abilitysport Games in Thailand on December 7th. Competing in the under 79kg category in para powerlifting, Sugden's performance was a masterclass in strength and determination, further solidifying her as a leading figure in the sport.

Louise Sugden: Dominating the Platform at the World Abilitysport Games

Sugden started strong with a successful 118kg lift, demonstrating her exceptional skill and focus. She then attempted a challenging 123kg lift, which, despite a tremendous effort, was not successful. However, displaying the resilience that she's known for, Sugden bounced back to successfully lift 123kg in her final attempt, a testament to her mental and physical strength.

This impressive showing at the World Abilitysport Games not only secured Sugden the top position in her category but also affirmed her to 7th place in the up to 79kg class rankings for the Paris Games. This achievement underscores her status as one of the elite athletes in para powerlifting and marks a significant milestone in her career.

Sugden's journey is a narrative of overcoming challenges and pushing the limits of possibility. Her success in Thailand, culminating in a top-ranking position for the Paris Games, serves as an inspiration to athletes and sports enthusiasts worldwide. It's a reminder that with perseverance and dedication, one can achieve great heights.

Congratulations, Louise!


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