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Lockdown Lift Off 2.0 Snatch Results are In!

Results are in for the first stage of Lockdown Lift-Off 2.0 - The Snatch. BWL Competitions Manager Ed Halstead walks through a summary of the results below.

Lockdown Lift Off 2.0 Snatch Results are In!

Due to the new Covid-19 restrictions BWL decided to restart the Lockdown Lift Off challenges.

The first stage of the new event attracted eleven entries with five men and six women taking part in total across the week. 

In the Women's youth competitions there was two good lifters representing Jersey Weightlifting club. 

Gabrielle Proper lifted 35kg in the 45kg class to get the competition up and running while Jorja-Leigh Clark hit 45kg in the 59kg event. 

The Senior's  saw three lifters take part across two divisions Charlotte Miles took first place in the 81kg competition by lifting 62kg and Ellie Mouchard was second with 38kg. 

The remaining competitor was Jeanette Badham who competed in the 64kg division and lifted 47kg.

The Masters 41-50 Age Group had one lifter take part.  Joanne Young competed in the 59kg class and managed a respectable 38kg.

The Men's categories featured five lifters.  Ross McWatt was the sole youth representative and he managed to hit just short of bodyweight with a nice 40kg effort in the 45kg class.  

 Elliot Brown produced was three good lifts in the Junior 81kg competition finishing with 65kg.

Two lifters competed in the 89kg class in the 41-50 Master's Age Group and both lifted extremely well. Steve Harris finished ahead of Scott Roofe with the pair lifting 80kg and 62kg respectively

Finally, there was two good snatches from Steve Wright in the Masters (51-60) Age Group who rounded off the event with 50kg in the 73kg class. 

Full individual results from the snatch are available to view here

Next up on Lockdown Lift Off 2.0 is the Clean and Jerk which is currently running up to December 2.

Be safe and take care

Ed Halstead

BWL Competition Manager




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