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NEW Level 3 Strength and Power Coaching Course launched

British Weight Lifting are proud to announce the launch of our Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Strength and Power. This is the latest course in the strength training pathway.

NEW Level 3 Strength and Power Coaching Course launched

This course is suitable for:

  • Those who have their BWL Level 2 Award in Coaching Strength Training;
  • Completed your BWL Level 2 Award in Coaching Weightlifting, or;
  • Done your Level 3 Personal Training qualification.

As a sports, health and fitness professional, you'll further develop your knowledge from the Level 2 strength course on this pathway. You will be taught how to work effectively with clients who have personal goals as well as athletes with performance goals across all sports. By utilising the wide range of exercises, programming and monitoring skills taught in this course you’ll be able to take your clients to the next level.

The knowledge and skills learnt as part of this course will enable you to coach an individual client or group to improve their strength and power technique.

There are many benefits of training power. Power has a key role in any sport and any movement; being able to effectively coach to amplify your clients power output will set you above the competition. Gain in-depth knowledge across 17 modules of learning, including:

Strength Training Theory

During this course, coaches will be introduced to some of the principles of Strength Training Theory. Understand the following variables and how to use them in your coaching:

  • General Adaptations Syndrome
  • Fitness - Fatigue Model
  • Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)
  • Neurological adaptations
  • Morphological adaptations
  • Development of specific physical qualities

Biomechanical Concepts

Biomechanics is an interdisciplinary field that uses the principles of mechanics to improve the human body through design, development, and analysis of equipment, systems, and therapies. Understand more about:

  • Newtons laws of motion 
  • Biomechanical levers 
  • Force 
  • Mass and base Support 
  • Force velocity, Acceleration, Load

BWL Technical Model

During the course you will receive access to the latest BWL Technical Model, which has been designed to provide coaches with a template that helps them to optimise an client’s technique based on their individual differences, rather than attempting to adopt a one-size-fits-all philosophy.

Coaches will learn about the fundamental areas of weightlifting technique. They will also be able to identify the areas of technique that will differ based on an individual’s strength profile and body proportions. This will give coaches the tools they need to develop the technical skill to make the most of their physical potential.

Using the Technical Model effectively will allow coaches and clients to be more objective in their decision making. This can result in more meaningful interventions that help an athlete to maximise their capabilities.

Find out more about this course here.

Please note that this course is the Level 3 in our strength coaching pathway. If you'd like to know when our Level 3 in Coaching Olympic Weightlifting is out sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media.


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