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Join the para powerlifting Technical Officials training programme

Are you passionate about para powerlifting and eager to contribute to the Paralympic movement?

The para powerlifting Technical Official training program is your gateway to becoming a skilled Technical Official, refereeing national and international para powerlifting competitions.

Join the para powerlifting Technical Officials training programme

“World para powerlifting is one of the Paralympic Movement’s fastest growing sports, which in part is due to the development of a comprehensive competition calendar that offers athletes from around the world more opportunities to compete at different levels. The success of these competitions is in many ways due to the dedication and effort of the Technical Officials.”

-World Para Powerlifting

Become a recognised para powerlifting Technical Official

Utilising funding from the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 Legacy, British Weight Lifting is recruiting individuals wanting to become a Technical Official in para powerlifting, and officiate at national and potentially international level competitions.

Recruited individuals will be funded to complete the WPPO Level 3 Certificate Course which is the 'talent' stage of officiating.


British Weight Lifting has organised for a WPPO instructor to deliver the Level 3 course online, on the following dates and time.

Applicants must be available to attend all sessions.

  • Sunday 16 July, 9.30am to 1pm
  • Sunday 30 July, 9.30am to 1pm
  • Saturday 12 August, 9.30am to 1pm


It is important that applicants are fully committed to completing the Level 3 course and attending national events.

To apply to enter the para powerlifting Technical Official training program please read the guidance provided below and complete the application form.


The closing date for applications is Friday 30 June 2023.


To be a WPPO Technical Official is a privilege and an honour, and being a Technical Official should lead to a sense of satisfaction and personal accomplishment. All Technical Officials should strive to:

  • Have the knowledge required to perform all roles effectively and efficiently
  • Be athlete-centred, honest, fair and impartial to all
  • Be consistent in the application of the Technical Rules and Regulations for all competitions
  • Give maximum effort and ensure adequate preparation in all roles
  • Act professionally, and have calm and consistent conduct under pressure
  • Be a positive, collaborative and accountable team member
  • Speak and function in a respectful tone and manner
  • Reflect on their own performance and learn from each competition experience
  • Enjoy all aspects of the competition.

Becoming a Technical Official requires a commitment to learning, availability to attend live online training sessions, and of course time to officiate at recognised para powerlifting events in the UK and beyond. 

Course outcomes

  • Level 3 Certificate of Achievement
  • Involvement as a Technical Official in recognised competitions
  • Access to Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Course delivery style and method

  • Online course facilitated by a WPPO Instructor
  • Total of 12 hours online contact time (split into sessions)
  • Pre course activities and readings
  • Post course evaluation period of 2 weeks


  • Theoretical evaluation
  • Practical evaluation (completed remotely)
  • English evaluation
  • Competency evaluation


  • Aged 18+
  • Experience or interest in para powerlifting, powerlifting, or weightlifting
  • Previous involvement in multiple national competitions
  • Intermediate English language proficiency
  • Selection by WPPP and British Weight Lifting

This is a funded programme and we want to ensure that candidates accepted onto it are fully committed to completing the Level 3 course and attending national events.

Please consider your answers carefully and provide sufficient details to strengthen your application.

The applications will be assessed after the closing date and we will be in touch with you within 2 weeks of this.

The application forms asks the following questions:

  • Why would you like to be a Level 3 Para Powerlifting Technical Official?
  • What experiences do you have in para powerlifting, powerlifting and weightlifting?
  • What experiences do you have of national competitions?
  • What qualities do you have that will help you be an effective Technical Official?


The closing date for applications is Friday 30 June 2023.




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