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IWF World Championships Selection policy update

Due to changes to the IWF competition calendar BWL has decided to extend the qualification period for the 2023 World Championships to maximise the opportunity for athletes wishing to qualify for the 2023 IWF World championships and maintain their eligibility for the Paris 2024 Olympic games.

IWF World Championships Selection policy update

All athletes are reminded that The 2023 IWF World Championships is a mandatory qualification event for the Paris 2024 Olympic games. Athletes failing to qualify for and compete (in accordance with the IWF OQS) at the IWF World Championships 2023 will NOT be eligible to compete at the Paris 2024 Olympic games. 

Changes are as follows:

BWL have therefore extended the qualification deadline for this event until 18/06/2023 to allow the inclusion of results from athletes competing at the IWF Grand prix I in Havana Cuba between the 8th – 18th June 2023 (a Paris 2024 qualification event) and other domestic events to ensure that athletes who have the ambition to qualify for the Olympic games are not limited from doing so. These changes will ensure that potential obstacles to athlete eligibility for Paris 2024 qualification are reduced

Reduction in the minimum qualification standard due to the 2023 IWF World Championships being a mandatory competition BWL feels it is best to reduce the originally proposed standard to maximise the opportunity for athletes who wish to maintain their eligibility for Paris 2024 Olympic qualification.

Due to these changes to the qualification period the preliminary entries for the IWF World championships 2023 will now take place before the end for the BWL qualification period. BWL must submit a long list of athletes to the IWF before the Preliminary entries deadline. Athletes not submitted or who fail to provide full and complete where abouts in accordance with this policy prior to the preliminary entry deadline will not be eligible to compete in accordance with IWF Regulations.

If the number of for this competition is greater than 20 men and 20 women (the maximum number of athletes BWL is permitted to submit at preliminary entries) then BWL will conduct a provisional selection meeting on the week commencing 22nd May 2023. The selection panel will determine which athletes should be submitted for the BWL preliminary entry list. All long list athletes will be notified whether they have been provisionally selected for the provisional entry list no later than 17:00 on 26th may and will have 72 hours from the point of notification to submit an appeal to this decision if they wish to.

It is strongly recommended that Athletes with any questions in relation to the IWF World Championship policy should email the BWL Head of Performance with their questions ASAP.


See the updated policy here



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