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IWF Athletes’ Commission

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) has officially opened the nomination process for the first IWF Athletes’ Commission elections.

IWF Athletes’ Commission

The final list of candidates will be published on 3 November 2022. The elections will then take place on 5-16 December 2022 in Bogotá, Colombia during the 2022 IWF World Championships.

It will be the first time that elections have been held for the IWF Athletes’ Commission and reflects the federation’s commitment to ensuring a strong athlete voice is represented.

Following the elections, the IWF will break new ground in athlete representation by having three athletes on the IWF Executive Board and also having three athletes as full voting members of the IWF Congress.

IWF General Secretary Antonio Urso said:

“We are delighted to open up the nomination process for the very first IWF Athletes’ Commission elections. This is a very important step for the IWF as we honour the good governance principles set out in our new Constitution and ensure that athletes are at the heart of our sport. We encourage all National Federations to consider putting forward athletes that can make a valuable contribution to the future of weightlifting.”

IWF Athletes’ Commission Chair Forrester Osei added:

“This is a very proud moment for me and our sport as we will see athletes elected to the Athletes’ Commission for the first time. The current Athletes’ Commission has worked hard to strengthen the athlete voice within the IWF and these elections mark the next step forward in our progress. We are excited to see the athletes who are nominated and their ideas for the future as we look forward to the elections in December.” 

Application details

Prospective British candidates must submit their completed application for the consideration of the BWL Board no later than 1700hrs, 28 September 2022.  

BWL is then invited to submit candidates to the IWF up until 3 October 2022.

Application documents

View the Athlete Commission election rules here

View the consent and waiver form here

View the declaration form here

View the IWF candidate form here

View the useful information on required documents- Athlete Commission nomination here

Read the story on the IWF website here


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