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Great Britain's Powerlifters Ready to Take on Dubai World Cup

The British Para Powerlifting team is revving up for a strong showing at the Dubai World Cup between 28 February and 6 March. With a mix of seasoned athletes, the team is a solid representation of Great Britain.

Great Britain's Powerlifters Ready to Take on Dubai World Cup

This will be the first of two mandatory events athletes with the potential to qualify for the Paralympic games must attend this year before the qualification window closes at the end of June.

Meet the Athletes

Louise Sugden is set to compete in the up to 86kg category. Her recent record lift of 123kg in the women’s 79kg class is a clear indicator of her formidable presence in the sport. Louise is set to return to women’s 86kg class in Dubai.

Rebecca Bedford will be showcasing her skills in the up to 61kg category. Her lift of 99kg at the England Championships has set high expectations that she might just smash a landmark 100kg, will we see it? Rebecca is looking to burst back into the top 8 and qualify for Paris.

Olivia Broome, competing in the up to 55kg category, is known for her world championship victory and her dynamic approach to competition.

Charlotte McGuinness is another strong contender in the up to 55kg category, known for her resilience and consistent performances. Charlotte is looking to defend and improve her Paris qualification ranking.

Zoe Newson, competing in the up to 45kg category, is a bronze medallist from the Dubai 2023 World Championships, known for her lifts of 101kg and 104kg.

The Men’s Team

Liam McGarry in the over 107kg category is a powerhouse, McGarry's ability to lift over 200kg is a testament to his strength and training regimen. Liam is looking to protect the top 8 ranking he secured in such style last August at the World Championships.

Matthew Harding in the up to 72kg category, Harding's achievements and strategic approach to lifting have made him a formidable competitor. Will he re-capture a top 8 ranking ahead of final qualifiers pre-games?

Mark Swan: Also competing in the up to 72kg category, Swan's record-breaking 207kg lift at the England Championships showcases his power and dedication. Mark is taking advantage of his ability to compete in the heavier weight class this time around. Will that mean bigger weights yet again?

Behind the Scenes

The team's success is also due to the hard work of the support staff: Ben Richens, Connor MacDonald, and Tom Whittaker. Their coaching and strategic guidance are key elements in preparing the athletes for the challenges of international competition.

As the Dubai World Cup approaches, the excitement is palpable as this is the first of two mandatory world cups athletes who wish to qualify for The Games must attend. Each athlete not only represents themselves but also carries the pride of Great Britain. It’s more than just a competition; it’s a chance to shine on the world stage and capture a top 8 qualification ranking to secure a place at the Paralympic Games this summer.



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