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Great Britain's Para Powerlifters Gear Up for WPPO Tbilisi World Cup 2024

A team of eight exceptional athletes is set to compete in the upcoming World Para Powerlifting (WPPO) World Cup 2024 in Tbilisi, Georgia, from June 20 to June 26.

Great Britain's Para Powerlifters Gear Up for WPPO Tbilisi World Cup 2024

Just as they demonstrated their prowess in Dubai last year, this Para Powerlifting team is primed to make a lasting impression on the Tbilisi stage. Their determination, coupled with unwavering support from their coaching staff, propels them forward with confidence.

Serving as the ultimate battleground before the Paris Paralympics 2024, this event holds immense significance for Para Powerlifters worldwide. In the words of Tom Whittaker, the Paralympic Performance Director: “This event represents a moment in time for the performance program and its athletes individually. This is the last qualifier for Paris 2024 where outcomes matter most, with a sense of finality as to whether each individual will get an invitation to the Paris Games.’’

Whittaker underscores the anticipation surrounding the event, stating ‘’We can’t wait, and the excitement is building, as every 4 years the end of qualification comes to a head and all efforts result in a finite outcome; you make it or you don’t. Whatever happens in Tbilisi we know each athlete has given their all to get to Paris.’’

Men’s Team:

Liam McGarry, a dominant force in the over 107kg class, is known for his perseverance and dedication. With a personal best of 230kg in Dubai, he is ready to challenge himself and overcome previous setbacks, leaving an enduring mark on the international stage once more.

Matthew Harding, representing the up to 80kg class, brings with him a track record of excellence. Having secured a personal best of 192kg at the 2024 Dubai World Cup, Matthew is headed for bigger things. Could he be approaching the 200kg mark?

Mark Swan, also commanding the up to 72kg class, arrives in Tbilisi with confidence. After his flawless performance at the 2024 Dubai World Cup, with a personal best of 213kg, he is hoping to showcase his skills once again and possibly secure his position within the top 8 for Paris.

Women’s Team:

Louise Sugden, set to excel in the up to 79kg class, brings a wealth of experience and accomplishment to the Tbilisi stage after securing bronze at the Tokyo Paralympics. As she prepares to face her opponents, she remains focused on surpassing her own milestones and achieving new heights of success in her Para Powerlifting journey.

Rebecca Bedford, a standout force in the up to 61kg class, is no stranger to success. Rebecca's performance standards are unmatched. Her final successful attempt of 101kg at the Dubai World Cup led to her strong standing in the top 8 for the Paris qualification rankings, underscoring her resilience and determination to excel on the global stage.

Olivia Broome, a commanding force in the up to 55kg class, enters Tbilisi propelled by recent triumphs. With a personal best lift of 119kg, achieved at the 2024 Dubai World Cup, Olivia has surged to 6th place in the Paris rankings. Her dynamic personality and unwavering commitment to the sport set her apart. As a bronze medallist at the Tokyo Paralympics, Olivia's accomplishments make her poised to push her limits and raise the bar for performance standards on the Tbilisi platform.

Charlotte McGuinness, another strong contender in the up to 55kg class, brings a blend of talent and grit to the 2024 Tbilisi World Cup. With a personal best lift of 100kg at the Dubai World Cup, Charlotte's commitment to pushing her limits is evident. What’s in the cards for her next?

Last but certainly not least, Zoe Newson, competing in the up to 45kg class, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of Para Powerlifting. Since her initiation into powerlifting at a local gym in 2007, Zoe's trajectory has been remarkable. Her bronze medal triumph at the 2023 Dubai World Championships, along with her status as a two-time bronze medallist at the Rio de Janeiro and London Paralympics, speaks volumes about her tenacity and unwavering focus.

Coaches and Support Crew:

Supporting the Para Powerlifting team in Georgia will be a stellar staff line-up. Tom Whittaker, Ben Richens, and Connor MacDonald will lead as coaches, offering invaluable expertise to elevate the athletes' performance. Meanwhile, Tass Amaridis will be the team's physio, ensuring peak physical condition for optimal competition readiness. Backed by this exceptional support crew, the Para Powerlifting team is ready to conquer the 2024 WPPO Tbilisi World Cup.

We wish the best of luck to all our athletes on the team! Crush those lifts and make us proud!


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