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Great Britain competes in Obrigheim 

Obrigheim, Germany - October 5, 2023

In a thrilling weightlifting showdown, Great Britain competed against Germany and Austria in Obrigheim. Great Britain finished in third place. Here's a quick look at the British athletes and their results:

Great Britain competes in Obrigheim 

Josie Griffiths 
Snatch: 77kg, 80kg, 83kg
Clean & Jerk: 95kg, 98kg, 101kg
Total: 184kg 

Stefano Cataldi 
Snatch: 133kg, 138kg, 139kg 
Clean & Jerk: 170kg, 170kg, 178kg 
Total: 303kg 

Deborah Alawode 
Snatch: 80kg, 83kg, 86kg
Clean & Jerk: 100kg, 105kg, 110kg
Total: 196kg 

Myren Madden 
Snatch: 134kg, 139kg, 142kg 
Clean & Jerk: 165kg, 170kg, 170kg 
Total: 309kg 

Georgia Radley 
Georgia gave it her all at the Championships!
Snatch: 87kg, 91kg, 91kg 
Clean & Jerk: 103kg, 103kg, 107kg
Total: 190kg 

Andrew Griffiths 
Andrew delivered a strong performance!
Snatch: 147kg, 152kg, 157kg
Clean & Jerk: 175kg, 179kg, 184kg
Total: 331kg 

Great Britain's athletes gave it their all, showcasing their strength and skill on the international stage. Congratulations to the team on their performance in Obrigheim!


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