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European Youth Championships Squad Announced

British Weight Lifting are pleased to announce the squad selected to represent Great Britain at this year’s European Junior and Under 23s Championships in Bucharest, Romania between 19- 27 October.

European Youth Championships Squad Announced

A 15 strong British Weight Lifting team has been selected which includes a fantastic mix of established and upcoming lifters.

Stuart Martin, Talent Pathway Manager commented, “This is one of the largest teams we have sent to a European Junior & Under 23 competition in a number of years and encouraging to see the breadth and depth of competition increasing across the British Isles with athletes from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England all featuring in this year’s team”.  

The full squad is as follows:

Fraer Morrow (w55) u23 - England

Mercy Brown (w87+) u23 - England

Catrin Jones (w55) u20 - Wales

Jennifer Tong (w 55/59) u23 – England

Amber Sheppard (w59) u23 - England

Ellie Pryor (w55) u20 – Wales

Chris Murray (m81) u20 - England

Jordan Sakkas (m102) u20 - Wales

Jason Epton (m81) u20 - Scotland

Omar Keshta (m102) u23 - England

Mackenzie Middleton (m109+) u23 - England

Michael Farmer (m67) u20 – Wales

Karl McClean (m73) u23 – NI

Daniel O’Hare (m109) u23 – NI

Filip Taylor (m94) u23 – England


Dave Sawyer (Coach)

Christie Williams (Coach)

Stuart Martin (Team Leader)



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