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European Senior Weightlifting Championships

Next week will see the European Senior Weightlifting Championships take place in Batumi, Georgia. The Great Britain squad features a mixture of youth and experience with many established names competing alongside rising stars of the sport.

European Senior Weightlifting Championships

The competition commences on Saturday 6 April with both Hannah Powell and Kelly- Jo Robson competing first. A schedule can be found below:

Saturday 6th April                   Hannah Powell W45                               Entry Total Rank 7/9

Saturday 6th April                   Kelly-Jo Robson W49                              Entry Total Rank 13/18

Sunday 7th April                      Amy Williams W55                                  Entry Total Rank 17/26

Monday 8th April                    Olivia Blatch W59                                    Entry Total Rank 24/29

Monday 8th April                    Gareth Evans M67                                   Entry Total Rank 11/16

Monday 8th April                    Haroon Siraj M67                                     Entry Total Rank 15/16

Tuesday 9th April                    Sarah Davies W64                                    Entry Total Rank 5/30

Tuesday 9th April                    Zoe Smith W64                                         Entry Total Rank 7/30

Tuesday 9th April                    Sally Bennett W71                                    Entry Total Rank 16/26


Wednesday 10th April           Emily Godley W71                                   Entry Total Rank 2/26         

Wednesday 10th April           Chris Murray M81                                    Entry Total Rank 26/32

Wednesday 10th April          Jack Oliver M81                                        Entry Total Rank 20/32

Thursday 11th April                Edmon Avetisyan M96                            Entry Total Rank 17/27

Friday 12th April                      Mercy Brown W87                                  Entry Total Rank 7/12

Saturday 13th April.              Owen Boxall M102                                    Entry Total Rank 14/19

Saturday 13th April                Emily Campbell W87+                                Entry Total Rank 3/11

A full competition schedule and start list can be found here 





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