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European Junior and U23 Championships 2018 Results

Last week saw the European Junior and U23 Weightlifting Championships take place in Zamosc, Poland. There were some stand out performances throughout the week including Welsh Lifter Jordan Sakkas who set a new British Snatch record of 146kg.

European Junior and U23 Championships 2018 Results

Final Results

Name Snatch Clean & Jerk Total
Jason Epton 77kg (Junior) 124 157 281
Nadeem Murtaza 85kg (Junior)  121 151 272
Chris Murray 77kg (Junior)  134 164 298
Jordan Sakkas 105kg (Junior) 146 180 326
Jenny Tong 53kg (U23) 75 89 164
Noorin Gulam 48kg (U23) 64 81  145
Fraer Morrow 53kg (Junior) 76 94 170
Tayla Howe 75kg (U23) 91 109 200





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