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Erin Barton's Standout Performance at EWF Cup

The first and official edition of the 2023 European Weightlifting Federation Cup, held at the International Olympic Academy’s stadium, concludes with an impressive and unforgettable closing and award ceremony organised on the Ancient Stadium of Olympia, in its archaeological site.

Erin Barton's Standout Performance at EWF Cup

British Weight Lifter Erin Barton and Turkish athlete Hardal Ferdi teamed up at the first-ever EWF Cup in Olympia and clinched an impressive third-place finish! Erin’s lifts: 86kg, 89kg, and 92kg in the snatch plus her 115kg, 119kg, and 122kg in the clean & jerk were all executed flawlessly. Congratulations!

Source: European Weightlifting Federation (EWF)



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