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British Weight Lifting Hold Level 1 Course In Cyprus

British Weight Lifting recently delivered a Level 1 Coaching Course in Cyprus which saw The European Masters General Secretary and IWF Masters Chairwoman -Denise Offermann attend the course.

Alexandros Amanatidis the former head coach of Cyrpus Weightlifting was also a participant. Alexandros competed in the 77kg class and represented Cyprus at a number of International Competitions including the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

British Weight Lifting Hold Level 1 Course In Cyprus

Asked whether Denise would recommend the course, Denise commented, “Yes, the practical course delivered by Kristian was very informative, reminding of the basics in all areas. The ‘preparation’ for the theoretical exams is also very informative. The small team was good and fun. We were a mixture of people with knowledge and people with no knowledge. Exchanging practical exercises in groups made us more aware of the basic needs to become a good coach.

Denise has been involved in Weightlifting since 2003 and believes that “Weightlifting has always ‘lifted’ my spirit and my body. Over the years weightlifting has taken the worst and the best out of me."

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