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Coronavirus Update - 13 March 2020

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, BWL has continued to monitor the situation closely and followed guidance from the Government, DCMS, Public Health England, Sport & Recreation Alliance, UK Sport and Sport England.

Coronavirus Update - 13 March 2020

Up to date information for the sport and leisure industry can be located at:

Up to date information from the Government can be located at:

The current Government guidance is:

  • That there's presently no rationale to close or cancel sporting events, but this may change as the situation evolves.
  • Anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms should avoid the risk of spreading their infection, whatever that infection may be, by staying at home for seven days and recovering.
  • For those hosting sporting events, whatever their size, attendees and participants should stay up to date on the government’s latest advice on how to avoid catching or spreading the virus. 
  • As the situation progresses we might advise the frail, elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions to stay away from gatherings as part of general advice aimed at minimising unnecessary contact with others. 
  • For those travelling to sporting events overseas, the Foreign Office’s travel advice should be followed and travellers should note that apart from the countries and territories named in that advice, the government isn't presently advising against travel to anywhere else.
  • For those who offer community and leisure services, such as running a local football team or running a gym, hand hygiene should be strongly promoted and encouraged and equipment and facilities should be thoroughly cleaned and wiped down as usual following use. The government is planning to publish specific advice on this shortly. 
  • There's presently no reason people should stop doing their daily sport and physical activities as they normally would.  

BWL Competitions

We have a number of BWL National events scheduled:

    • BWL North Open Series 1                             -           14 March (Middlesbrough)
    • England Age Group Championships              -           21-22 March (Birmingham)
    • British University & College Championships  -           18-19 April (Twickenham)
    • BWL Midlands Open Series 2                        -           3 May (Stratford Upon Avon)
    • BWL South Open Series 2                             -           14 June (Basingstoke)
    • British Championships                                    -           26-28 June (Liverpool)

For forthcoming BWL competitions, we will be implementing additional precautionary measures:

  • Hand sanitiser will be placed in the warm-up room for athletes and coaches and be made available for spectators.
  • The barbell and discs in the warm-up room and on the competition platform will be cleaned regularly during competition using appropriate cleaning methods

We encourage every attendee to follow current advice around hand-washing and other good hygiene procedures

BWL Courses

We have numerous BWL courses scheduled to run throughout the country over the next few weeks and months. Based on current advice, we are planning that these courses continue to run but will continue to closely monitor the situation.

If anyone is showing any symptoms of Coronavirus, has a cold or flu like symptoms including a high temperature or a new continuous cough, please follow Government advice and stay at home for 7 days.  You must not attend any BWL Course or Competition. This will help to protect others in your community if you are infectious.


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