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Club Cup 2024

As part of our Local Lifting consultation, eight BWL Clubs are trialling the viability of a new club based competition.

Club Cup 2024

The concept of the Club Cup is to provide a platform for clubs to showcase the breadth of their talent, emphasise collective effort, and support the wider weightlifting lifting community.

Hampshire Barbell Club, Lakeside Weightlifting Club, Crazy Strength, Kingdom Barbell, Guildford Weightlifting Club, Woking Weightlifting Club, Legion Barbell and Zalva Weightlifting are all based in the South of England and have helped design a team format that could pave the way for a wider UK regional club league.

To enable more people to access lifting events, entrants won’t require BWL membership but will need to be members of the club they represent.


1. There will be 4 Rounds of competition held at club locations in 2024/25. The club with the highest league points after 4 Rounds is declared the overall Club Cup 2024 Winner!

2. Each team will consist of 6 weightlifters (3 male, 3 female, aged 18+).

3. The teams will be split into groups with lifters of similar totals.

4. BWL competition rules will apply, with the following exceptions:

  1. Weigh-in opens one hour before the start time
  2. One centre referee is required only
  3. Results do not contribute to national rankingsTeam scores will be converted into points using weight and age coefficients (Sinclair coefficient and Meltzer- Faber age coefficient - SMF points).

5. A team’s final score for a Round is calculated from the sum of the top 2 male’s and top 2 female’s SMF points.

6. The team with the highest sum of SMF points wins the Round.

7. League points are awarded to clubs for each Round.

8. The club with the highest total league points at the end of 4 Rounds is declared the overall winner of the Club Cup 2024.

9. In the event of a tie in league points, the Club with the highest SMF at the end of 4 Rounds wins.


The first Round of the Club Cup is taking place on Sunday 21 April at Hampshire Barbell.

If you’re interested in taking part, please contact your club for details.


As the competition takes places, feedback from the clubs and competitors will help determine any changes that are needed. Feedback will also be used to help determine if a UK wide club competition is viable, and what this could look like.


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