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BWL Virtual Open Series: Round 3 results

The third quarter of the British Weight Lifting (BWL) virtual open series 2022 has now concluded and it was a great success with 48 entries with a gender split of 21 males and 27 females including senior, master and youth age group lifters.

BWL Virtual Open Series: Round 3 results

In the men’s seniors, Jacob Finnigan from Orwell Weightlifting Club lifted a total of 280kg to come first with 362.874 Sinclair points. Khrys Speed came second with a 270kg total and 315.630 Sinclair points and Joshua Summergill came third with a 248kg total giving him 315.215 Sinclair points.

In the women’s senior competition BWL Non-Executive Director and British Champion Jenny Tong took first place lifting a total of 188kg giving her 260.872 Sinclair points. It was a close competition for second and third place. Bethan Watkins came second with a total of 178kg and 234.883 Sinclair points. In third place was Natalie Mottram who also had a total of 178kg giving her 232.175 Sinclair points.

In the men’s masters competition Leon Botha secured first place with a 249kg total to give him 314.251 SMF. Ashley Page took second place with a total of 250kg and 297.724 SMF. In third place was Ramadan Rabeh with a total of 220kg and 289.272 SMF.

 In the women’s masters competition Laura Parker from Colchester Weightlifting club took first place lifting 173 kg and 227.705 SMF. In second place was secured by Jenni Ball with a total of 148kg and 216.467 SMF. Third place was secured by Louise Webster with a total of 157kg and 210.641 SMF.

In the men’s youth competition Osar Smith took first place with a total of 127kg and 176.165 Sinclair points. In second place was ARTHUR BARNHAM with a total of 95kg and 169.334 Sinclair points. In third place was Leo Campbell with a total of 165kg and 189.964 Sinclair points.

In the women’s youth competition Claudia Holiday Williams came first with a total of 104kg and 145.676 Sinclair points. In second place was Ava Saunders with a total of 118kg and 138.143 Sinclair points. In third place was Emily Arsali with a total of 100kg and 124.956 Sinclair points.

British Weight lifting would like to congratulate all the athletes who took part in the third quarter of the virtual open series.

The fourth and final quarter of the competition is now open. To view the overall ranking from the three quarters that have already taken place please click here.

Full round 3 results


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