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BWL Statement Regarding IOC Concerns around IWF

Dear Interim President

Dear General Secretary

Dear IWF Executive Board Members

Dear Member Federations

BWL Statement Regarding IOC Concerns around IWF

British Weight Lifting Statement in response to the IOC’s threat to weightlifting’s Olympic future

The IWF Interim President and Executive Board are holding a crucial meeting today (February 27) to discuss the recent points of concern raised by the IOC and without doubt this is the most important meeting we have faced in our 116 year history.

Our sport is very much at a crossroads and on behalf of our athletes, coaches, Technical Officials and supporters, the Interim President and Executive Board has to be aware of its collective responsibility to secure our long-term Olympic future and allow our athletes to realise their true sporting ambitions.

Ahead of such a crucial meeting, We feel it is only appropriate that we make a clear statement on where the IWF and its Interim President and Executive Board needs to be in its decision making.

This is a hugely challenging and unprecedented time for the Weightlifting community but we want to start by saying that we welcome the IOC’s clear and concise road map for the continued inclusion of Weightlifting in the Olympic programme. We have listened and are fully aware that the position of Weightlifting is in grave danger.

Therefore the Interim President and Executive Board have one task today, which is to agree a set of actions that address every single one of the points raised by the IOC. As a board they need to come together to serve the weightlifting community. 

They must do what is in the best interests of the sport both morally and ethically and without question the Interim President and Executive Board has to put self-interest and personal agendas aside. They need to do more than just listen, they must agree to implement all the changes the IOC are demanding in their roadmap with immediate effect.

We firmly believe they cannot afford to get this wrong. If the Interim President and Executive Board do not deliver on the IOC demands, it is quite right that that they must be held to account by Member Federations, athletes and all our key stakeholders.

We also believe as a sport we have a bright future and once we have addressed this current issue, it is time for the current old guard to pass the bar on to the next generation of ethically eligible, passionate and above all knowledgeable individuals who can rebuild the sports reputation and ensure our athletes are given every opportunity to achieve their sporting ambitions. It is a time for change both in terms of constitution and governance.

We believe if they act in line with our true sporting values and make 100% the right decisions at tomorrow’s meeting and beyond, we can create a legacy which they can be proud of – they only have one goal which is very simple…. Weightlifting and the IWF must remain an integral part of the Olympic family.

Kind regards

Ashley Metcalfe
BWL Chief Executive


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