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BWL Statement on National Lockdown Restrictions

Following the UK Government’s announcement on Saturday 31 October regarding the impending implementation of national lockdown restrictions in England from Thursday 5 November and the resulting closure of gyms and leisure facilities, BWL have released the following statement.

BWL Statement on National Lockdown Restrictions

Ashley Metcalfe BWL CEO

“Whilst we cannot ignore that we are in a very serious public health crisis and this latest Government decision was understandably tough and one which impacts the whole country, we are acutely aware that the closure of our gyms and weight training facilities will once again place a financial burden on all our clubs and communities.

“With many clubs still challenged after the initial lockdown and having witnessed a fall in activity levels especially in some of our most vulnerable groups and areas, we will continue to lobby at the highest levels and will strongly urge the Government to take action now with the implementation of an appropriate and comprehensive Sports Recovery Fund.

“We believe support for the sporting sector is going to be essential if we are going to get through this pandemic and to support the NHS. Communities will need to be more active and healthier and crucially weightlifting clubs and gyms will need support to ensure that once lockdown ends, our facilities and clubs can welcome our communities back and contribute to improving both the physical and mental health of the nation.

“We will continue to work on your behalf and will keep you updated with the latest announcements and changes which may have an impact on all of us”.

For more information on the restrictions in each home nation please visit the links below:

  • Restrictions in England can be viewed  here
  • Restrictions in Wales can be viewed here
  • Restrictions in Scotland can be viewed here
  • Restrictions in Northern Ireland can be viewed here



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