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BWL "encouraged" as dialogue opens with new UK Sport Chair

Following yesterday’s multi-sport meeting in which BWL and a further 10 non-funded sports had the opportunity to discuss UK Sport’s current funding strategy with the new Chair Dame Katherine Grainger, BWL CEO Ashley Metcalfe commented:



 “As part of a group of sports, suggesting Every Sport Matters when it comes to Olympic and Paralympic funding, we are delighted to have opened a positive and constructive dialogue with Dame Katherine Grainger and are very appreciative of the time she gave us.

 “The meeting gave Dame Katherine the opportunity to learn the various positions of all sports and she showed a genuine interest and great empathy to the challenges we all face.

 “Whilst the aim of the meeting was to challenge existing thinking, the Group recognised the significant funding challenges facing UK Sport, but firmly believed that it is possible for UK Sport to demonstrate that Every Sport Matters by not only building on the extraordinary successes of London 2012 and Rio 2016 but by supporting all Olympic and Paralympic sports to develop its current and future medal potential.

 “Various scenarios were discussed as to how this might be possible and both UK Sport and the 11 sports have committed to continuing to discuss a range of options which we hope might start to be considered as early as October as part of UK Sport’s Annual Investment Review.

 “We know that there is no easy fix given the various policy positions, however, waiting until post Tokyo to consider change, risks a decimation of the talent and performance environments of so many sports.

 “We were pleased that Dame Katherine recognised this risk and are strongly encouraged with the firm commitment she gave to work with us to seek potential solutions. We will be scheduling further discussions in the coming weeks.


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