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BWL Announces Athletes for the 2024-2025 World Class Programme

British Weightlifting is proud to unveil the elite para powerlifters who have been selected for the World Class Programme (WCP) for the 2024 to 2025 season.

BWL Announces Athletes for the 2024-2025 World Class Programme

This programme is integral to our commitment to nurturing top talent and achieving excellence at the highest levels of international competition, including the Paralympics.

Meet the Athletes

  • Liam McGarry - over 107kg class
  • Matthew Harding - up to 72/80kg class
  • Mark Swan - up to 65kg class
  • Sean Clare - up to 59kg class
  • Louise Sugden - up to 79/86kg class
  • Rebecca Bedford - up to 61kg class
  • Olivia Broome - up to 50/55kg class
  • Charlotte McGuinness - up to 55kg class
  • Zoe Newson - up to 41/45kg class

Tom Whittaker's Vision for the Year

"It’s exciting to lead this group into a Games year," states Tom Whittaker, Paralympic Performance Director. "Paris is just around the corner and motivation couldn’t be higher to leave no stone unturned with the help of a dedicated support team. We thank UKSport and UKSI for their ongoing support and commitment and look forward to this year's collaboration with ParalympicsGB."

About the Programme

The WCP provides unparalleled support to these athletes, encompassing personalised training, development opportunities, and access to international competitions. This programme represents British Weightlifting's dedication to fostering world-class talent and promoting the sport of para powerlifting on a global stage.

For more information about the WCP and our comprehensive support structure, please visit the Para Powerlifting Performance page.


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