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BWL & Gym Owner Monthly

BWL are delighted to announce that the online publication, Gym Owner Monthly, is now officially endorsed by BWL.

BWL & Gym Owner Monthly

BWL Chief Executive Ashley Metcalfe added: “We are really excited about our opportunity to endorse Gym Owner Monthly, it will enable us to spread news and updates within the sport to a wider audience and we’re looking forward to building an exciting and positive relationship with Gym Owner Monthly.”

Gym Owner Monthly is an online magazine for gym owners and fitness professionals and the only fitness industry magazine endorsed by British Weight Lifting. They provide their readers with a comprehensive mix of industry news, expert comment, relevant features, case studies, new product launches, new technology and behind-the-headline analysis.

BWL are proud to endorse Gym Owner Monthly and you can find BWL updates, news, press releases and more in their monthly subscriptions.

To read more about Gym Owner Monthly, visit their website here. 

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