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British Weight Lifting Puts Forward IWF nominations

IWF will hold their next IWF Election on 24-27 March 2021 with 7 roles becoming available.

British Weight Lifting Puts Forward IWF nominations

BWL, as a full and voting member of the International Weightlifting Federation, has nominated Heather Allison, Matthew Curtain and Keith Morgan for roles on the new committee.

  • Heather Allison for First Vice-President, Vice-President, Executive Board Member, Technical Committee.
  • Matthew Curtain for First Vice-President, Vice-President, Executive Board Member
  • Keith Morgan for Coaching & Research Committee.

The BWL Board has consistently called for change on the IWF, asking for the current Executive board to resign, and are in support of the IOC’s criticisms of the way it’s been operating.

Therefore, we’re delighted to be putting forward candidates we strongly believe to be ethically eligible individuals with appropriate skillsets and vision. We need candidates capable of rebuilding the reputation of the sport through good governance, who can support athletes in achieving their Olympic and personal goals in the future.

BWL’s ambition is to have a strong, respected and supportive voice in our International Weightlifting Federation, which we firmly believe should effectively govern the sport with credibility and legitimacy. In particular we are keen to influence and ensure a clean, transparent athlete-centred sport with a secure Olympic future. To do so it is important for BWL to not just have a voice within the IWF but be able to play its part on driving governance change and development within a very traditional Federation. 





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