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British Weight Lifting Partners With Uncle Beef

British Weight Lifting is delighted to announce Uncle Beef Ltd as an official partner.

Founded in 2018 by keen sports enthusiasts Steve Livens and Peter Tame, Uncle Beef Ltd is on target to become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of specialist meat products that are particularly beneficial for sporting athletes. Using only the best English, Scottish and Irish beef, the company has a driving passion for creating high quality meat products with a South African twist that deliver exceptional nutritional value to fuel and assist sporting performance. 

British Weight Lifting Partners With Uncle Beef

Uncle Beef offer a wide variety of products, including an authentic Biltong and Droëwors (dry sausage), which are as the name suggests cured beef-based products flavoured with South African spices. Perfect for any home or barbecue, they also supply homemade sausages and burgers with additional seasoning to deliver a higher protein percentage than those available in local supermarkets.   All their meat is ethically sourced, carefully selected and purchased on a weekly basis from the World famous Smithfield Meat Market in London, which has over 1000 years of history ensuring the best possible look, taste and quality.

Ashley Metcalfe Chief Executive of British Weight Lifting commented,“It’s fantastic to welcome Uncle Beef Ltd on board. They are an exciting new and innovative brand who share a similar vision to BWL in terms of values, growth and quality. Their support will offer real value to our members and lifters whatever age or ability and we are sure all will appreciate not just the great taste but also the nutritional benefits of their products”.

For further details on Uncle Beef Ltd visit their website here


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