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British Weight Lifting Foundation Charity Launch

British Weight Lifting is proud to announce the launch of its own Charity called the British Weight Lifting Foundation.

British Weight Lifting Foundation Charity Launch

The Foundation has been created to make a significant, sustainable and positive change to its key sports of weightlifting and para-powerlifting and ensure they are inclusive to a much boarder and more diverse audience.

British Weight Lifting is delighted to announce that it has provided the Foundation with an initial donation of £55,000 to ensure that the charity gets off to the strongest possible start.

The team behind the Foundation are passionate about helping to provide opportunities to enable the growth and development of the sport, focussing on identifying and training greater numbers of new and existing coaches via its portfolio of educational and learning opportunities, supporting clubs and young lifters and strengthening our commitment to connecting with communities helping them to be more active by engaging in weight and strength training.  

The British Weight Lifting Foundation is currently made up of the following trustees:

  • Chair: Neill Wood (BWL Independent Non-Executive Director)
  • Trustee: Mark Martin (BWL Finance Director & Company Secretary)
  • Trustee: Ashley Metcalfe (BWL CEO & Board Member)

The team are committed to ensuring the charity’s fundraising, programmes, projects and day to day running is as effective and efficient as possible to maximise the benefits available and transform people’s lives.

Ashley Metcalfe, BWL CEO commented “Creating an opportunity to benefit individuals, clubs and communities through the launch of our new Foundation is a great step forward for our sport.

“As we aim to create greater opportunities and encourage easily accessible strength activities in wider and more diverse communities, our initial plans will focus on growing our pool of talented coaches, particularly where they are needed the most.

“In time we aim to broaden the support of the Foundation and help provide space and equipment for clubs, nurturing the future generations of lifters and coaches and connecting communities most in need.”

For more information on how to donate to the charity and how it can help you please visit


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