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British Weight Lifting announces new series of competitions

British Weight Lifting is pleased to announce the BWL Open Series as a new series of events designed to offer high quality competition opportunities at key points in the season.

British Weight Lifting announces new series of competitions

The BWL Open Series will take place in the North, Midlands and South respectively, with each region hosting its own series.  Each series will consist of three competitions taking place at points in the season where lifters are aiming to qualify for national events.

The Series will differ from current BWL events in that at the end of each series, the overall top male and female lifter will receive a £250 cash prize from BWL.

Where and when does the Series take place?

The BWL Open Series is broken down into the three regional Series; North, Midlands and South.  Each series is separate, and the competitions are scheduled at similar dates to support qualification.

The first round of each series will take place as follows:

BWL North Open Series 1                  05 May 2019*, Regain Barbell Club, Leeds

BWL Midlands Open Series 1             28 April 2019, Derby Arena, Derby

BWL South Open Series 1                  05 May 2019*, Elite-Bodyworks, Basingstoke

*The BWL North and South Open Series 1 have been given special designation as final qualification events for the British Senior Championships.

The second and third round of each series will be announced in the coming weeks, keep an eye on the BWL website and social media channels for further information.

How is the series run and scored?

 Each series event will run according to the BWL TCRR.  The minimum age to compete will be 13 or older on 31 December 2019, and all lifters will compete as a senior. 

Lifters will be put in groups based on their entry total and the competition will be scored on Sinclair points.

The winner of each series will be the male and female lifter with the highest combined Sinclair score after the third event.  For example:


Series 1 score

Series 2 score

Series 3 score

Final Score


Lifter 1






Lifter 2


Didn’t compete





Medals will be presented to the top three ranked lifters at the final Series events, along with the winners’ cash prize.

Can results from the Series be used for qualifications, records and rankings?

The BWL Open Series will be classed as Tier 3, so the results from each competition will be eligible for qualification to national events, for setting new records, and will feature on the BWL ranking lists.

When can I enter, and do I have to qualify?

Entries for the first event in each series are now open and close two weeks before each competition.

Entries can be made via your Sport 80 accounts here

There are no qualification standards for the BWL Open Series.  Each competition is capped at approximately 100 entries and these will be issued on a first-come first-served basis.

For further information on the BWL Open Series contact the British Weight Lifting  Competitions Team on 01132 249 402 or email

Alternatively contact your Regional Relationship Manager on the below:




Tickets for series 1 can now be purchased, all BWL members can take advantage of discounted tickets by inputting their membership number. Please note all discounted tickets are only available to purchase online. Tickets are not being held back for on the door sales, to guarantee a ticket it is advisable to purchase tickets in advance.

Tickets can be purchased below:






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