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British Weight Lifting announce new partnership with Built for Athletes

British Weight Lifting are delighted to announce that Built for Athletes are our new exclusive luggage partner.

British Weight Lifting announce new partnership with Built for Athletes

Built for Athletes is trusted by more than 100,000 athletes and fitness industry experts around the world.


They believe that what defines the mentality of an athlete is a dedication to surpassing limits, striving for continual improvement and a refusal to settle. They know that this is no different whether you’re a professional athlete or just passionate about fitness.


Their backpacks are built with this same mentality in mind. With their durable construction, maximal use of space and a design that accommodates everything you need to keep you pushing your limits, their backpacks will be with you every step of the way.


Built for Athletes will be offering a discount code for everyone visiting the British Championships at Derby Arena this weekend.


British Weight Lifting CEO, Ashley Metcalfe commented on the new partnership “As the interest in weightlifting and para-powerlifting continues to grow and we attract a broader and more diverse audience, we are really excited to be partnering with the country’s leading specialist backpack supplier and offering great opportunities for all our members to benefit from the very latest custom-made products Built for Athletes are offering.”


Nick Costello from Built For Athletes commented “Built For Athletes are excited about partnering with British Weight Lifting to support all the professional athletes that are dedicated to improving their performance on a daily basis. The synergy between Built For Athletes and British Weight Lifting is perfect as we have exactly the same mentality.”


For more information on Built For Athletes please visit


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