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British Junior Lifters Set to Shine at IWF World Juniors in Mexico

This November, the spotlight will be on two of Britain's finest junior weightlifters as they gear up to compete at the IWF World Juniors in Mexico. Isabella Brown, the 2023 European Bronze Medallist, and Stefano Cataldi, the British record holder, are set to make their mark on the world stage. Both athletes will compete on Monday, 20 November during the competition that runs between 15-23 November.

British Junior Lifters Set to Shine at IWF World Juniors in Mexico

Isabella Brown: A Rising Star

Isabella Brown, who secured a remarkable European Bronze Medal at the European Juniors in Bucharest, will compete in the 76kg class. Brown's journey to Mexico is fuelled by the determination to leave her mark on the world stage. After a commendable 6th-place finish last year, she's ready to elevate her performance.

Stefano Cataldi: A Record Holder's Redemption

Stefano Cataldi, the British record holder, has faced a challenging first half of the year, navigating around injuries. However, the resilience of this talented junior athlete shines through as he looks to reclaim his form for Mexico. With a 13th-place finish last year, Cataldi is determined to not only better his rank but also demonstrate his growth as an athlete.

Coaches' Perspective: Support and Belief

The journey of these two exceptional athletes wouldn't be complete without the unwavering support of their coaches. GB Coach Julie Morrish and Lead Pathway Coach Kristian McPhee have expressed their confidence in the talents of Isabella Brown and Stefano Cataldi. In a joint statement, they highlighted the competitive nature of the world juniors and the significance of these competitions in shaping the next generation of lifters.

“The world juniors is an incredibly competitive stage as it displays the best of the next generation of lifters, some of which are already holding their own in senior competitions. With both lifters performing incredibly well in their World Juniors in Crete last year, we are proud to send our best juniors to these competitions that will give them the experience and belief that they belong with the best in the world. It is a pleasure to see both lifters develop from youth lifters into juniors and beyond, and the BWL team will be there to ensure that they get the best performance possible.”

British Weight Lifting is standing firmly behind its junior athletes, ensuring they have every opportunity to deliver their best performances on the global stage. We look forward to cheering them on and celebrating their achievements. The world juniors in Mexico promise to be an unforgettable chapter in their weightlifting journeys.

We are thankful for the continued support and belief of UK Sport, which has been instrumental in our athletes' preparation for this prestigious event. Together, we aim to reach new heights and make our nation proud.


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