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British Championships Awards Recap

Following the recent British Championships, we are thrilled to announce the recipients of our prestigious awards:

British Championships Awards Recap

TASS Best Individual Performance Award?

This award shines a light on remarkable displays of skill, strength, and tenacity. Based on the Sinclair coefficient, this year’s winners are:

Male: Ramiro Mora Romero (96kg)

Female: Emily Campbell (+87kg)


Sportscover Europe Record Fund

A dedicated fund was set aside specifically for those who establish senior records at the British Championships. Recognising those athletes who boldly set new benchmarks, a total of £500 was made available as part of this initiative.

Ramiro Mora Romero: 160kg Snatch, Men’s 96kg category.

Andrew Griffiths: 161kg Snatch, Men’s 109kg Category

Madias Dodo Nzesso-Ngake:

110kg Snatch, Women’s 87kg Category

130kg Clean & Jerk, Women’s 87kg Category

240kg Total, Women’s 87kg Category


Eleiko Club Award

Eleiko, always at the forefront of supporting weightlifting talent, generously offered BWL a complementary set of sport equipment for this year’s Championships.

In recognition of the club that showcased prowess, performance and overall sportsmanship, this year’s recipient is the Atlas Weightlifting Centre.


We cannot move forward without extending our gratitude to our sponsors. Their unwavering support and commitment played an integral role in the success of these awards and the entire Championships.

From all of us at the BWL, we extend hearty congratulations to every winner, participant, and stakeholder involved. Your passion and commitment drive the heart and soul of British Weightlifting. Here’s to more shared successes in the years ahead!


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