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Brian Hamill award granted to two weightlifters

The trustees of the Weight Lifting Foundation are delighted to announce that they have split the inaugural Brian Hamill Award between two young athletes. Faye Briggs from Wythenshawe Weightlifting Club (nominated by Louise Richards) and Angelique Wallace Bourgoin from Hampshire Barbell Club (nominated by Jo MacManus).

Brian Hamill award granted to two weightlifters

The Weight Lifting Foundation believe both of the recipients have shown great work ethic and dedication to weightlifting and will receive a sum of £200 each. 

We caught up with both Faye and Angelique to get their reflections on receiving the award.

Faye: “It is with great honour that I have received this award in the name of such an influential gentleman. Wythenshawe Weightlifting Club has helped me beyond words and I will continue to do all I can to help our club flourish and reach more members of the community.”

Angelique: “I am utterly grateful to receive this award as it is for a sport that I love and am most passionate about. It is a sport that has helped me overcome hurdles life throws at teenagers and is one of the many reasons I am overjoyed to be receiving this award. I am deeply thankful to my club, Hampshire barbell, for nominating me and whose coaches and members are like my second family. Your support, encouragement and wisdom are held close to my heart. Therefore, once again I am delighted to be receiving this award which is another milestone in my weightlifting journey.”

British Weight Lifting would like to congratulate both award winners for their contribution to the sport of Weightlifting and wish them every success with their efforts.

About the award:

Each calendar year the Weight Lifting Foundation will award the sum of £400 to young people in the under 23 category who they decide have made an outstanding contribution to their club in a way that reflects Brian’s ethos. This may be split between a number of young people in any way that they decide.

Brian Hamill was a long serving trustee of the Weight Lifting Foundation and sadly passed away in 2020. He had tremendous passion for and commitment to both the sport of weightlifting and to the Foundation and he was unstinting in his assistance to young lifters, clubs and schools. This was not just financially through the Foundation but also by supporting and encouraging their development. His enthusiasm was infectious and he was instrumental in so many becoming involved in the sport, not least by running the Weightlifting Club in Woking for many years. This award is made in memory of Brian and is only possible because of the generosity of his daughter, Sara.

Brian was one of British Weight Lifting’s most popular, well known and influential members. He was involved in all areas of the sport through his numerous roles which also included participation as an athlete, coach, technical official, board member, educator and so much more.

For over 40 years Brian was a strength and conditioning coach at Woking Weightlifting Club and a familiar face to many within the weightlifting community. He was a BWL Board member from 1996 to 2003 and was a regular jury member at British Senior Championships.                                                            

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