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Become an Inclusion Academy: applications open

British Weight Lifting (BWL) is seeking to identify clubs who have the potential to create diverse and inclusive environments and support the next generation of young athletes to take their first steps into the sport of weightlifting. BWL welcomes applications from clubs to begin the Talent Academy process by becoming an Inclusion Academy.

Become an Inclusion Academy: applications open

The Talent Academy pathway consists of three tiers. All clubs embark on their talent academy journey at the inclusion academy level.

Why should my club become an Inclusion Academy?

This program will provide opportunities for clubs to learn from the experiences of other clubs and offer opportunities for development. In addition to this, each club will receive support from a British Weight Lifting pathway officer to help them navigate the world of good governance and safeguarding to ensure that they have processes and systems in place to protect themselves and promote a safe and inclusive environment for their members.

On completion of the accreditation clubs will unlock the opportunity to work in partnership with British Weight Lifting to deliver funded programmes focused on engaging young people from all walks of life.

BWL will promote your club to talented athletes engaged with key programmes (such as BWL’s talent transfer programme) ahead of other BWL licensed clubs.

Application Information

Applicants will need to commit to working with BWL to complete the accreditation process across a 6-month period.


Minimum Criteria:



Have a BWL club licence

2 athletes engaged in BWL pathway programmes

1 BWL Level 2 licenced coach

1 BWL Level 1 licenced coach

4 youth athletes regularly competing in BWL licenced events

1 qualified Safeguarding Officer

2 Youth only sessions per week

2 BWL licenced coaches

6+ lifting stations

Well articulated policies and procedures

BWL will select clubs based on the following criteria:

  • Geography, BWL is looking to improve accessibility to high quality clubs and coaching across England
  • Standard, BWL is looking to work with clubs who can meet the inclusion academy criteria within six months
  • Engagement, BWL is looking to work with clubs who have a passion for developing an inclusive environment


Dates and deadlines

Applications close Wednesday 28 September

Successful Applicants will be notified by the 30 September

Please be aware that inductions are scheduled to occur on the 4 - 6 October

Apply here

Application Form


Any Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns around the information provided above, please contact


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