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AGM: BWL Members vote to remain funding compliant

On Sunday the 27th of October, British Weight Lifting members voted in favour of amending the sport’s Articles of Association to enable the organisation to further comply with the Government’s Code for Sports Governance.

AGM: BWL Members vote to remain funding compliant

A small number of changes were successfully introduced at the 2019 Annual General Meeting which was held at Elland Road in Leeds.

Members were given the opportunity to vote on an amendment to align BWL further with the national codes set out by our key funding stakeholders, Sport England and UK Sport.

The unanimous approval of this motion ensures that British Weight Lifting continues to remain compliant which is an essential requirement to receive government funding in the future in order to grow the sport.

The key amends were based around simplifying the future appointment process for non-executive Directors and making it easier for ex-lifters or those involved in the sport to get involved at Board level.

Those present were able to view the latest company accounts and annual yearly report.

A question & answer session was also held with the BWL Chairman, CEO and Senior Management.

This provided members with the opportunity to discuss BWL's affairs as well as ask questions on all matters relating to weightlifting and para-powerlifting within the UK.

Ashley Metcalfe, British Weight Lifting CEO

The AGM was a real positive step in the right direction for the sport. It was brilliant to see so much positive enthusiasm for the weightlifting and para-powerlifting among our members who have voted to remain compliant with funding guidelines. The Q&A session provided some really engaging discussions and we will take onboard all the feedback received. This will allow British Weight Lifting to move forward and continue to flourish further in the future.  


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