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Additional Countries Confirmed For British international Open

The British international Open will take place at The Ricoh Arena, Coventry between 7-9 June 2019 and we are delighted to announce further countries and athletes who will be competing at the IWF Bronze event.

Additional Countries Confirmed For British international Open

Confirmed countries and athletes include:

The United States of America

55kg      Jessica Saxon                   186kg

59kg      Sarabeth Jumper             200kg

64kg      Kristin Pope                     199kg

76kg      Tayler Harris                    207kg

81kg      Phoebe Ng                       204kg

81kg      Brianna Sfamurri             215kg

87kg      Juliana Riotto                  234kg


South Africa

64kg      Mona Pretorius               175kg



+109kg Enzo Kuworge                 380kg



102kg   Leho Pent                        320kg

+109kg Mart Seim                        400kg



87kg      Anna Vanbellinghen       225kg


We can now confirm that athletes from The Czech Republic, Finland and Norway will in attendance. Confirmed athletes include:

Czech Republic

73kg      Petr Petrov        290kg

102kg   Jiri Gasior           310kg

109kg   Patrik Krywult    320kg

+109kg Jiri Orsag            380kg

+109kg Kamil Kucera      380kg


76kg      Simona Hertlova             190kg

81kg      Michaela Sklenickova     190kg

+87kg    Tereza Kralova                181kg



109kg   Hannes Keskitalo            337kg


64kg      Marianne Saarhelo         191kg



73kg      Daniel Stromsborg Roness           270kg


55kg      Sarah Orteza Ovsthus                   180kg

59kg      Sol Anette Waaler                        195kg


Entries for the 2019 British Para Powerlifting Championships, 2019 British Development Open 2019 and BWL British Masters Championships close this Friday at 23.55.

The latest rankings for the British Seniors competition can be viewed below

Female Rankings

Male Rankings 

We are pleased to announce a new draft schedule here and tickets can be purchased here, please note all British Weight Lifting members can take a advantage of a 15% discount. 



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