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2022 Eleiko Email International Club Tournament

The 2022 ELEIKO International Club Weightlifting Tournament is taking place again between 26 - 28 August 2022.

The tournament, which is sponsored by Eleiko and organised by the Oceania Weightlifting Federation (OWF), presents a fantastic opportunity for clubs to get together and hold an in-house competition.

2022 Eleiko Email International Club Tournament

Clubs participating must be affiliated to the National Weightlifting Federation in their own country.

Clubs are able to enter as many lifters as they wish. Lifters must be 13 years of age and over.

As the prize, ELEIKO are giving away 1 set each of 190Kg ELEIKO training weights sponsored by ELEIKO will be awarded to the first Club, second Club and third Club which scores the most points according to IWF rules (only for the Total) for both the male and female categories.*

IWF Categories for men and women:

  • Men: 55,61,67,73,81,89,96,102,109, +109
  • Women: 45,49,55,59,64,71,76,81,87,+87



2022 Eleiko Email Club International Tournament - Regulations

Male Team Entry Form

2022 Eleiko Email Club International Tournament - Male Team

Female Team Entry Form

2022 Eleiko Email Club International Tournament - Female Team


All clubs please note, in order to participate in this tournament, it is the responsibility of participating clubs to ensure that their lifters who will be competing, are fully covered by insurance against any injury, accident, or health damage including in transit to/from the competition location and must assume financial responsibility for any hospitalization and related costs.

*The freight cost also will be covered by ELEIKO to the nearest destination port. Please note: You may have to pay import duty once the weights arrive in your country including internal transport to your clubs destination.


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