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100% me Clean Sport App

British Weight Lifting strongly believes in clean sport and works in partnership with UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) to protect the integrity of our sport.

100% me Clean Sport App

We encourage individuals associated with the sport to download The 100% me Clean Sport App which has all the information you need, helping you make the right decisions on the go.

The App is available to download for either iOS or Android and can be downloaded for free from iTunes or The Google Play Store.

Features include:

Customised for your sport

Check your medications are safe to use, wherever you are

Understand the risks with supplements

Know your rights as an athlete

Be the first to know about updates to the Prohibited List with fast alerts

Understand the testing procedures

Keep a record of your medications for when you need it in doping control

Content is always current and up-to-date

and much more .......


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