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British Weight Lifting’s industry leading courses are the go to choice for learning how to coach weightlifting and strength training. The content of our courses has been developed by the best in the business, with knowledge built up and adapted for over 110 years from the experts in weightlifting and strength and conditioning.

We are always on the lookout for new training providers to act as a Satellite Education Centre to deliver courses on our behalf.

What is a British Weight Lifting Satellite Centre?

A British Weight Lifting Satellite Education Centre (SEC) is an educational provider that is able to deliver official British Weight Lifting Courses. For example, we work with the Armed Forces, Schools, Universities, Colleges, Prison Services and Private Training Providers.

What are the benefits of becoming an SEC?

By becoming a satellite education centre you’ll be able to take advantage of a host of benefits. British Weight Liftingwill assist you with the application process, and work with you to train and develop your staff while providing continual support:

  • Make a profit by delivering courses
  • Direct Tutor training from British Weight Lifting
  • Receive support from British Weight Lifting to upskill your workforce
  • Access to the British Weight Lifting Technical Model
  • Access to the British Weight Lifting Teaching Method
  • Guidance on structuring courses for optimal delivery
  • Embed the British Weight Lifting courses into qualifications that you’re already delivering
  • Free standardisation training for your workplace on an annual basis. This means SEC tutors can stay up to date with the latest technical updates from BWL
  • Use the SEC logo when promoting the British Weight Lifting courses you are delivering
  • Deliver British Weight Lifting courses in multiple venues


“The University of Wolverhampton has been a British Weightlifting Satellite Education Centre for several years, and we have been able to offer students opportunities to complete a range of BWL qualifications alongside their degree programmes, including embedding awards within the academic curriculum.

BWL has allowed us to continue to provide students with opportunities to gain vocational qualifications during a period in which we have been limited to online-only learning. The online courses are excellent and our students at all levels have benefited greatly from their inclusion in our employability-focussed modules."

Mark Niemz, Senior Lecturer in Strength & Conditioning

Why work with BWL?

As the National Governing Body for Weightlifting and Para Powerlifting, our courses offer an unrivalled standard of training. We are proud to work in partnership with the regulated awarding body Focus Awards to accredit our qualifications and have been recognised as a leading educational provider in the UK. Our achievements include:

- Winner of the UK active award – Learning and Development Supplier of the Year 2018

- Winner of the UK Coaching award – Coaching Culture of the Year 2017

What do I need to become an SEC?

As a minimum, all tutors at your SEC will need a British Weight Lifting Level 2 coaching qualification (don’t worry if you don’t have this yet, we can work with you to gain this qualification).

All tutors will need a teaching qualification and your IQA will need an Internal Quality Assurance qualification.

Does your venue tick all the boxes?

To ensure that all of our courses offer the best learning environment and experience possible, we have an application and verification process in place. Our application process will require you to complete the below:

  • BWL Application form
  • A Venue Specification form
  • A form to find out information on SEC workforce (e.g., Tutors, Admin, Finance)
  • BWL Policies and Procedures

We welcome applications from a wide range of training and educational providers.

If you are already an education establishment such as a school, college or university, applications are also welcome and we can add our courses into your current programmes to support suitable courses/degrees. For further information on how this can work please contact the team.

What is the process?

  1. Please email or call British Weight Lifting (01132 249 402) to express interest in becoming an SEC.
  2. Start the online application process (British Weight Lifting will add you to this).
  3. The application is then reviewed by British Weight Lifting’s Workforce Team.
  4. If approved, the Workforce Team will confirm if upskilling to the correct British Weight Lifting qualification is needed and will organise this with you.

If the application is not approved, we will work with you to become a course host venue which offers a range of options.

  1. Once you have completed your upskilling courses (if necessary) you will then need to complete British Weight Lifting’s tutor training.
  2. Once you have completed British Weight Lifting’s tutor training we will then create and send an SEC agreement.


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