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Our School membership has been designed to support educational organisations that deliver programmes which get more students participating in weight bearing activities such as Olympic Weightlifting, Weight Training and CrossFit style fitness.

By becoming a member your students will be eligible to compete in our local and regional competitions, as well as the British Age Group Championships. 

School Block Membership costs just £50 per year

Your membership includes:

  • Unlimited student registrations
  • Eligibility to local, regional and national competitions*
  • An official certificate recognising your affiliation to BWL
  • Regular BWL newsletters
  • The opportunity to feature in BWL newsletters free of charge


School members are not eligible to compete in any BWL U17 competitions and above . In order to compete in BWL U17 and above, school pupils must become a full member off BWL. 

Become a member today

You can become a School member by signing up using BARS, our online membership system. To sign up to day, please read and follow these instructions carefully:

1. Click the 'Become a Member' button below to access BARS, our online membership system.

2. Fill in your details and click the 'Register' button.

You will have created a personal account which allows you to add your school or university to the system. To do this...

3. Click the 'Add Club' tile on the left side of the page and fill out the details of your school or university. Click the 'Add' button once you have completed the form. 

You will now have created your school or university. You can purchase your membership by: 

4. Click the 'Membership' tile on the left side of the page. Complete the form, remembering to select the 'School Block' membership type, and follow the checkout process.

Once you have purchased your school/university membership, you can add your students to your account. 

5. To add your students, click the 'Lifters' tab and select the 'Add New Lifter' button. Choose the 'Lifter Bulk Upload' feature which allows you to upload all of your students in one fell swoop - just complete the bulk upload template as instructed and upload it accordingly. 

If you require any help setting up your account please use the ‘Support’ button located in the BARS system. Alternatively you can contact our team directly by clicking here.

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