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Black Friday Offers

British Weight Lifting are pleased to announce that we will be offering extensive discounts on merchandise, tickets and courses as part of Black Friday. These offers will be available until Monday 26th November.

Black Friday Offers

Using the discount code BF25 you can get 25% off all merchandise including books, hoodies and various pieces of sportswear.

In addition, we are pleased to offer an extra 10% on gift vouchers:

£10- £11

£20- £22

£50- £55

£100- £110

We will also be offering a discount on tickets for the upcoming England Weight Lifting Championships in January.

For those looking for coaching course deals, the price of the level three instructor course will be reduced by 30%.

In addition to our fixed deals, be sure to keep an eye on course prices throughout Friday as we will be holding further flash sales throughout the day.

You can browse our full collection of courses and products here.


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